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    Amy DeMartine, Principal Analyst, Forrester | Ray Overby, CTO, Key Resources, Inc.

    November 13, 2020  | 54 mins

    Mainframes aren’t going away – in fact, a recent Forrester report revealed that 56 percent of infrastructure technology decision makers at North American enterprises say they rely on mainframes to store and process large amounts of data. As organizations become more and more dependent on mainframes to process the trillions of smartphone transactions they see every day, it’s imperative that these organizations are taking adequate steps to secure them.

    In this webinar, Ray Overby, CTO of Key Resources, Inc. and Amy DeMartine, Principal Analyst at Forrester share survey results and tips on how organizations can modernize their mainframe and covered critical topics from why a mainframe security architect is essential, to the risks of not including excessive access checking in your security processes, and more.