Whether you’re a risk officer responsible for identifying, measuring, managing and reporting risks or you’re on a security team, mainframe security solutions from Key Resources ensure that your organization isn’t exposed to vulnerabilities. We provide the data, insight and tools needed for organizations to manage risk better – and smarter.

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z/Assure Mainframe Security Software


Mainframe Security Software

z/Assure from Key Resources is a suite of mainframe security software solutions trusted by some of the world’s top financial, healthcare and government organizations to protect their most important IT systems.


Aligning Security with Business Processes

Assessing security configurations against policy is an essential – though resource intensive – process. Our Compliance Assessment Service (CAS) helps organizations ensure compliance with regulations like DISA STIGs, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

Top Mainframe Security Threats

Hackers can escalate their authority and gain access to critical client data by exploiting mainframe integrity vulnerabilities. Our security solutions help you secure the mainframe at all levels using modern, interactive and responsive tools. Our software makes the world a more secure place for all of us.

Gaining Control of Excessive Access on Mainframe

Did you know that 80% of organizations do not check for excessive access to their mainframe resources? As unchecked access increases, so do the risks to your organization. Our software automates checking for excessive access and provides you with the information to resolve issues with unnecessary, excessive access.

Stopping Data Breaches

Zero-trust principles are a must on all platforms. It strengthens security, but organizations need to understand the where and why of their crown jewels before they can implement these principles. On the mainframe it requires an understanding of what needs to be protected, as well as who has access, and why they have access. The Key Resources team has years of experience protecting mainframe data.


Key Resources + BMC: A New Partnership to Identify and Close Mainframe Vulnerabilities

Key Resources has entered into a MarketZone partnership with BMC, a global leader in IT solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, to bring z/Assure® Vulnerability Analysis Product (VAP) to more companies around the globe.

z/Assure VAP is the first and only software that can identify and categorize the severity of mainframe vulnerabilities. It provides risk managers with the crucial information they need to protect the mainframe.

Key Resources Inc. Enters Partnership with BMC to License and Co-Sell Mainframe Security Solutions

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