Seamless database merges using z/Assure® Security Merge Utility™ (SMU)

Do you need to consolidate mainframe security databases? Key Resources offers professional, expert support for security product database merges. Our team can complete merges quickly and easily using our proprietary software, z/Assure® Security Merge Utility™ (SMU), which works with CA ACF2®, CA Top Secret®, or RACF® databases.


The Key Resources team has conducted countless security database mergers, and we’ve made the process fast and easy with the creation of our own tool, z/Assure® SMU. Benefits include:

  • Automation means a significant reduction in manpower and a limited impact on staff required during the merge. z/Assure® SMU will eliminate unused USERIDs and will allow USERIDs to be renamed in the target database.
  • z/Assure® SMU increases data accuracy and the quality of the content of the newly generated database.
  • z/Assure® SMU will automatically perform database cleanup in the target database, which will be customized to your specifications.
  • Faster, more cost-effective security database mergers.
  • z/Assure® SMU will optionally propagate your existing passwords to the target database.

Using the Security Conversion Utility and the Security Merge Utility together

A combination of two tools, z/Assure® SMU and z/Assure® Security Conversion Utility (SCU), can be used to convert to a new security package and then convert multiple security databases. z/Assure® SCU will convert a single security database, and then z/Assure® SMU can be used to convert additional databases into the newly generated security database.