Expert security product conversions using z/Assure® Security Conversion Utility™ (SCU)

Are you converting from one z/OS Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) to another? Key Resources offers professional, expert support for security product conversions. Our team can conduct seamless conversions using z/Assure® Security Conversion Utility™ (SCU), our software with a proprietary methodology for converting to and from CA ACF2®, CA Top Secret®, or RACF®.

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Mainframes are mission-critical in large enterprises, and security staff have to make important decisions about how they secure these systems. Part of that means choosing an ESM solution that you can trust to monitor you environment.

Key Resources is an expert in security package conversions. We created our own tool, z/Assure® SCU, to make it fast and easy to convert from one ESM to another. Benefits include:

  • Automatic database cleanup means a significant reduction in manpower and a limited impact on staff during the conversion. The cleanup does not have to be done on the current security database but will be reflected in the target database.
  • z/Assure® SCU provides a proven and tested methodology for converting to or from CA ACF2®, CA Top Secret®, or RACF®. The target database structure need not be based on the current security database structure.
  • z/Assure® SCU increases data accuracy and the quality of the content of the newly generated security database. We will eliminate unused USERIDs and allow USERIDs to be renamed in the target security database.
  • z/Assure® SCU has a technically elegant solution for password propagation from one security package to another. We will optionally propagate your existing passwords to the targeted security package.
  • Easy to read conversion reports.
  • Two-way encryption during password propagation, bolstering security when we transfer your existing passwords to a new ESM
  • The ability to convert from homegrown IBM Db2 databases to RACF.
  • A backout process that allows teams to pause and return to conversions at a later time, which allows us to pace out work as needed.

Using the Security Conversion Utility and the Security Merge Utility together

A combination of two tools, the z/Assure® SCU and z/Assure® Security Merge Utility (SMU), can be used to convert to a new security package and then convert multiple security databases. z/Assure® SCU will convert a single security database, and then z/Assure® SMU can be used to convert additional databases into the newly generated security database.

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