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    Ray Overby, co-founder and CEO of Key Resources Inc.

    August 12, 2021  | 36 mins

    Many routes lead to mainframe modernization, but most companies are doubling down and integrating newer technology into the mainframe as a migration path moving forward. With integration a priority and security high on the agenda, organizations need to have a person who understands both worlds and is equipped to ensure mainframe security throughout integration.

    Enter the mainframe security architect. The mainframe security architect’s responsibility is to tighten and maintain security policies and implement appropriate changes as business and compliance needs shift. A mainframe security architect can effectively translate business objectives and risk management strategies into specific security processes enabled by security technologies and services.

    While many organizations realize they have this gap within their organizational charts, they often have no idea where to start or what skills they really should be looking for in a candidate.

    Ray Overby, co-founder and CEO of Key Resources Inc., has seen the fallout businesses face when they don’t prioritize filling this role internally. In this webinar, he shares why overlooking the mainframe security architect is a big mistake and what skills companies should be looking for to ensure they hire a strong mainframe security architect.