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    Cynthia Overby, co-founder and president of Key Resources Inc.

    May 5, 2021  | 26 mins

    Despite growing awareness around diversity, equity and inclusion, the tech industry, particularly tech leadership, remains largely dominated by men. Last year, just 25 percent of professional computing occupations were held by women and only 18 percent of CIOs at the top 1000 American companies were held by women.

    One way organizations can support women in tech roles is by forming women’s networking groups. These groups provide a virtual place where women can share their stories, get advice without being sized up, make valuable connections, and sponsor activities for young women and girls that pique their interest in IT.

    Cynthia Overby, co-founder and president of Key Resources Inc. has served in leadership roles across a variety of industries for the past 30+ years. In this webinar Cynthia shares how women can set-up a networking group at their organizations by taking the following steps:

    1. Gain buy-in from management and resources from IT
    2. Set a focus or goal for your women’s networking group
    3. Build on a solid leadership structure
    4. Focus on a core mission