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    Cynthia Overby, President and Co-founder of Key Resources | Mary Ann Furno, Offering Manager of CA Technologies

    May 19, 2021  | 41 mins

    Organizations are moving parts of their IT environment to the cloud for its flexibility and the belief that there are cost savings. But what many individuals don’t realize is that the cloud is not a mystical force floating in the air – there’s complex infrastructure behind it.

    Even though we talk about businesses “moving to the cloud” or “going digital” the mainframe still plays a critical role. Terabytes of data live on the mainframe, feeding in and out of the cloud every second, creating tremendous operational value.

    But at the same time a hybrid environment opens the door to criminals with an increasingly sophisticated toolkit for penetrating networks and attacking systems, devices and programs. Unfortunately, security isn’t always at the top the list when decisions are made concerning interoperability.

    In this session, Cynthia Overby, President and Co-founder of Key Resources, and Mary Ann Furno, Offering Manager of CA Technologies, will discuss four keys to locking down your mainframe in a hybrid IT environment. Together, these strategies can help you build a Zero Trust Architecture that ensures secure and reliable cloud-mainframe connections, not only protecting your IT infrastructure, but your entire business.