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    The mainframe is critical to powering businesses across industries. Despite their value, most organizations still aren’t prioritizing mainframe security, leaving their businesses open to potentially devastating repercussions from data breaches, to incorrect data ownership, to ransomware.

    How can organizations get a better handle on their mainframe security? Key Resources commissioned a Forrester Consulting to survey IT and security managers to better understand the roadblocks to safeguarding the mainframe. In short, organizations need resources and internal buy-in to build out a robust security strategy.

    As they work to protect the mainframe, IT and security leaders are prioritizing investments in Zero Trust frameworks to both raise mainframe awareness within their organizations and reduce business risk.

    Download the full research snapshot to review the consequences your organization could be a candidate for right now and learn more about how a Zero Trust Framework can secure the mainframe.

    Challenges Delaying Zero Trust Adoption

    It’s widely known and accepted that mainframes are crucial for driving a highly scalable business and they’re vital for ultimate success. This is true. But the mainframe also comes with a dangerous false reputation of being inherently secure. In fact, 62% of survey respondents said that failure to secure the mainframe could lead to data theft.

    Many IT and security leaders are adopting a Zero Trust Framework as a catalyst for mainframe prioritization, but there are challenges along the way, according to a recent study by Forrester Consulting for Key Resources Inc. When working to implement Zero Trust, IT leaders said their organizations face the following challenges:

    We do not have enough resources to devote to Zero Trust implementation
    We have difficulty identifying a single source of truth
    We don’t have a security architect to champion the project

    Sound like your organization? Watch the 5 Keys to Mainframe Security in a Zero Trust Environment to learn how feasible and critical a Zero Trust Framework is.