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    Mainframes are increasingly targeted in data breaches because of the wealth of sensitive, mission-critical information they contain. But, are organizations’ current mainframe security attitudes and processes up to the task?

    To find out, Key Resources Inc. commissioned a study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, of 225 IT management and security decision-makers at North American companies with $500 million+ in annual revenue.

    We found that despite widespread awareness concerning the stakes, enterprises simply aren’t devoting enough attention and resources to mainframe security.

    Download the full research study, “Don’t Let Mainframe Security Complacency Leave Your Critical Customer Data At Risk,” to learn more.

    Interview: Forrester analyst Amy DeMartine on mainframe security

    In the age of digital transformation, many companies have worked to secure their cloud infrastructure. But what about the systems, like mainframes, that interact with the cloud?

    Watch as Amy explains the key findings from the research.

    Widespread complacency, even in the face of massive risk

    of companies are concerned about potential customer data breaches on the mainframe
    say mainframe security is a top priority

    Still, only

    always or often factor security into mainframe decisions

    Businesses know mainframe security is important. But, our research found that very few actually take steps to protect their mainframes. This complacency puts their most critical IT systems at significant risk. Addressing the problem means scanning mainframe operating systems for zero-day vulnerabilities—a significant attack vector in data breaches. Yet, vulnerability scanning ranked last when respondents were asked to rank the most important mainframe security factors.

    “All it takes is one mainframe data breach to bring an organization to its knees. But, many organizations lack the tools, personnel, and in some cases, knowledge, they need to protect their mainframes and all the mission-critical data they hold.”

    —Ray Overby, President, Key Resources, Inc.

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