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    The mainframe is here to stay, with mainframe sales on the rise and companies increasing their mainframe workloads to support digital transformation. The platform needs to evolve to meet global demands, but modernizing the mainframe isn’t just about integration.

    It’s important that organizations evaluate their current mainframe security strategy and make sure it’s modernized, as well. Mainframes are susceptible to all kinds of modern threats, from ransomware attacks to cybersecurity threats, yet research shows that mainframe security is widely overlooked.

    So, what does it take to build a successful, modern mainframe security strategy? Download this Key Resources paper, “5 Steps to a Modern Mainframe Security Strategy,” to learn:

    • The value of a designated mainframe security architect in your organization
    • The differences between mainframe penetration testing and vulnerability scanning
    • The crucial role of excessive access checking in mainframe security processes

    Overcome Mainframe Security Complacency

    A modern mainframe security strategy helps organizations build the processes needed to keep their most important IT systems safe.

    That’s especially important given the often passive attitude many organizations take toward protecting their mainframe. A recent Key Resources Inc. study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found that many enterprises simply aren’t devoting enough attention and resources to mainframe security, despite concerns about emerging modern threats.

    of tech decision makers use mainframes, with 46% planning to increase their use in the next two years
    are concerned about potential customer data breaches on the mainframe
    always or often factor security into mainframe decisions