Professional, expert support for z/OS security product conversions

Are you migrating from one z/OS enterprise security manager (ESM) to another? Or do you need to consolidate ESM databases? Key Resources offers expert ESM conversion as a service. We’ve developed our own proprietary tools – z/Assure® SCU™ and z/Assure® SMU™ – to make the conversion process faster and easier. We can manage conversions for all major ESMs – CA ACF2®, CA Top Secret® or RACF® – on your behalf.

Why Consider Mainframe Security Package Conversion?

Enterprises need a strong security foundation, especially when it comes to protecting their mission-critical mainframes. Mainframe professionals use one of three z/OS ESM solutions to manage the security of their environment – CA ACF2®, CA Top Secret® or RACF®.

If and when they decide to change their ESM solution, either because of a technical preference, operational challenges, or changes in the marketplace, they’ll have to undergo a manual process that’s often time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Key Resources has completed countless security package conversions. We’ve even created automated software to help manage the complexities of this process.

Professional Services

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