Healthcare: Protecting Health Records and Patient Care

Ransomware and cyberattacks in hospitals are on the rise, with more than 90 percent of healthcare organizations experiencing some form of cyberattack since 2016. Yet, hospital IT managers are overwhelmed, and the security of mainframe systems can suffer as a result. As the demand for seamless access to patient data from any wireless-capable device grows, so does the need for a more reliable method of securing the data stored on the host.

The risk is clear: Hospitals need technologies to ensure their mainframes are protected.

To close the gap, hospitals must invest in technology solutions that will keep patient care and health records safe, while complying with the various HIPAA requirements.

Partner with Key Resources

Key Resources, Inc. recognizes the security threat to mainframes in the healthcare industry. We provide zero-day threat detection, incident response, and configuration-based compliance tracking all in a suite of products.

We’re dedicated to supporting healthcare payers and providers with annual assessments, reliable mainframe vulnerability scanningconfiguration scanning, and compliance management to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule to safeguard electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

Learn more about how KRI helped one national private insurer closed a critical mainframe security gap by automating security checks.

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