As a financial institution, do you recognize your mainframe as a secure business asset?
Consider this; mainframes are estimated to hold 80% of the world’s business data and handle 90% of all credit card transactions.

Yet, as crucial as mainframes are, there’s one major problem. Mainframe security is vastly overlooked. There’s a misconception that mainframes are immune to the types of headline-grabbing external acts and breaches that other platforms face. That’s not true. And this misconception leads to serious business risk. In your world, nothing gets more negative headlines, or your client’s attention, than a security breach.

Key Resources recognizes the threat to your mainframes and provides 0-day threat detection, incident response, and compliance tracking in one product. We ensure PCI compliance with continual mainframe vulnerability scanning and risk reporting.

Key Resources, leading financial information security for over 30 years.

Financial Services: Protecting Clients’ Assets

With up to 90 percent of the world’s credit card transactions processed on the mainframe, financial services organizations simply can’t afford a mainframe data breach. But, many organizations aren’t adequately protected against potential breaches.

How often are you scanning for mainframe configuration and code-based vulnerabilities? Not often enough, unfortunately. It is a daunting task to do manually. Compliance officers, mainframe programmers and security administrators face a daunting task when manually monitoring complex z/OS mainframe security and compliance configurations.

To add to the complexity, the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requires that any business that processes credit card payments abide by a strict set of guidelines to ensure data security, but those requirements are uniquely difficult to meet and few organizations have the resources to stay on top of those requirements.

A secure mainframe is essential to every organization in the financial services industry. Customers put their trust in you. Securing their data and protecting clients’ assets needs to be a top priority, and the right security tools can help ensure security and PCI compliance. You need robust technologies to provide continuous monitoring and reporting of possible vulnerabilities on mission-critical mainframes, while also helping you with compliance requirements as defined in the PCI DSS compliance standards.

Partner with Key Resources

Key Resources, Inc. recognizes the security threat to mainframes in the financial services industry. We provide zero-day threat detection, incident response, and configuration-based compliance tracking all in a suite of products.

We’re dedicated to supporting the global financial services industry with reliable mainframe vulnerability scanning, configuration scanning, and compliance management to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and global PCI DSS compliance (PCI DSS 11.2.1).

Click here to learn more about how KRI helped an investment firm shore up their mainframe security, opening their eyes to operating system vulnerabilities and enacting mainframe security scanning.

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