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Key Resources Inc. has more than 30 years of expertise in the complex field of mainframe security. Our experts have been involved in developing some of the industry’s foremost security technologies, including our own suite of zero-day threat detection, incident response, and compliance tracking software.

Review our resource library to discover our latest mainframe security research or to learn about the IT strategies your business needs to protect its most important system. You can also review our knowledge base articles to learn about important fundamental concepts in mainframe security. And be sure to visit our blog to keep up on the latest news and insights from our team.

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What are the NIST Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations?

NIST maintains and revises a catalog of recommended IT security policies that organizations should follow so they meet federal laws and policies.

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HIPAA Compliance

Key Resources helps enterprises continuously monitor your active HIPAA policies and procedures to prevent, detect, contain, and correct security violations.

PCI Compliance Testing for Mainframe

Around 87% of all credit card transactions are processed on mainframe. Yet, many mainframes are not being evaluated correctly for PCI DSS compliance.

Case Studies

Integrating Mainframe Scanning with a Global Bank’s Penetration Testers

Key Resources has fielded many requests on how to integrate mainframe scanning with penetration testing, including from one global banking firm.

After Suffering a Breach, an Insurer Automates Mainframe Security Checks

After suffering a data breach, one national private insurer turned to Key Resources, Inc. to close a critical mainframe security gap and shore up its data security estate.

An Investment Firm Opens Its Eyes to Mainframe Security Vulnerabilities

In just 15 minutes, Key Resources revealed a host of zero-day vulnerabilities, helping execs at one investment bank realize just how vulnerable their mainframe was.


Prioritizing Mainframe Security in the Era of IT Modernization

As organizations become more and more dependent on mainframes to process the trillions of smartphone transactions they see every day, it’s imperative that these organizations are taking adequate steps to secure them.

Key Resources CTO Ray Overby and Forrester Analyst Amy DeMartine share tips on how organizations can modernize their mainframe. Ray covered five key subjects he believes are imperative to creating a modern security program.

Mainframe security webinar with Ray Overby of Key Resources Inc and Amy Demartine of Forrester

Thought Papers

5 Steps to a Modern Mainframe Security Strategy

How can organizations create a modern mainframe security strategy that will keep the organization’s most important IT asset and most sensitive data secure, but is also flexible enough to adapt to changing threats and trends?

The KRI team has years of experience helping organizations solve this challenge, from mainframe vulnerability scanning to excessive access checking. We put together a guide highlighting the five steps organizations should take to modernize their mainframe security strategy.

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Research Reveals Pervasive Complacency Around Mainframe Security

Key Resources commissioned a study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, of 225 IT management and security decision-makers at North American companies with $500 million+ in annual revenue.

We found that despite widespread awareness concerning the stakes, enterprises simply aren’t devoting enough attention and resources to mainframe security.

Research from Key Resources, Inc. shows widespread complacency among mainframe security decision makers

Closing the Integrity Gap in Your Mainframe

You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars securing the applications that serve up the data, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t maintain the integrity of the operating system.

Vendors and research analysts will tell you that your number one priority is to secure your applications. There is even a practical handbook for selecting application security tools and vendors.

Has anyone told you that all it takes is one zero-day vulnerability in the z/OS operating system layer to bypass everything you have done and are doing to secure your data?

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