While organizations have gotten better at managing hardware assets, software vulnerabilities on the mainframe continue to be a pressing pain point for security leaders.

Over the past year, gaps in security from third-party software have led to increased risks and vulnerabilities, even resulting in confirmed data breaches. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 60% of security incidents will originate with third parties.

Threats from distributed software can even impact core platforms like the mainframe, a fact that’s often overlooked. As your organization continues to host critical data and applications on the mainframe, it is imperative that you scan for software vulnerabilities and maintain complete control over any software connected to the platform.

In “Supply Chain, Mainframe and You,” KRI’s president Cynthia Overby and Forrester analyst Renee Murphy discuss the importance of working with third-party vendors to address security gaps and tracking the software lifecycle at every touchpoint. Cynthia highlights four key areas to improve your mainframe security:

  • Why software lifecycle management is key to preventing the next cybersecurity incident
  • Common gaps in the software supply chain that compromise organizations and their customers
  • The risks of failing to adopt standard protocols while working with vendors and scanning for mainframe vulnerabilities
  • Best practices to optimize security programs and properly train IT task forces

To learn from their expert insights, watch the full webinar recording below.