Mainframe Security Solutions

z/Assure Mainframe Security Software

Mainframes are the definition of “mission-critical,” with up to 70 percent of the world’s corporate data residing on these systems. But like any IT system, the mainframe has vulnerabilities, and not every corporation’s security strategy protects against common mainframe security threats.

Key Resources has more than 30 years of experience safeguarding the world’s largest financial, healthcare and government enterprises. We help organizations create a mainframe security strategy that keeps their most important IT asset secure, while remaining flexible enough to adapt to changing security threats.

Learn more about z/Assure®, our suite of mainframe security software, as well as our selection of professional security services.

z/Assure® Vulnerability Analysis Program (VAP)

Application and network scanning isn’t enough to protect the mainframe. You also need to scan for vulnerabilities in operating system layer (OS) code and security configurations. z/Assure VAP is the only software that automatically scans for and identifies vulnerabilities in OS layer code, providing the information needed to protect systems.

vulnerability scanning software for the mainframe

z/Assure® Compliance Assessment Manager™ (CAM)

Federal and industry regulations require businesses to stay on top of risk monitoring and mainframe compliance. z/Assure CAM, our automated compliance assessment solution, helps protect sensitive data by enabling organizations to enforce security policy across critical mainframe and ESM systems.

compliance assessment software for the mainframe

Integrity Assessment Services

Mainframe vulnerabilities can come from a variety of sources, including hardware configurations, IPL parameters, external security manager (ESM) configurations, and operating system programs. An integrity assessment from Key Resources focuses on the health and security of the mainframe operating system.

mainframe integrity assessment services

External Security Manager (ESM) Conversion Services

Are you migrating from one enterprise security manager (ESM) to another? Or do you need to consolidate ESM databases? Key Resources offers expert ESM conversion services, relying on proprietary tools – z/Assure SCU™ and z/Assure SMU™ – to manage conversions for all major ESMs: RACF, Top Secret, and ACF2.

conversion software for RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret

Db2 to RACF® Security Conversions

Businesses using IBM Db2® database solutions often rely on Db2’s native security, which comes with certain shortcomings. Using our proprietary z/Assure SCU4DB2™ tool, Key Resources can help you convert from Db2 native security to RACF® to take advantage of its stronger security capabilities.

DB2 database security software

Password Propagation Support

Do you need to transfer your passwords from one ESM to another? Key Resources can help, using z/Assure PPS™, our proprietary password propagation software, to quickly and securely transfer existing passwords over to your new security package.

ESM password conversion software

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