Forrester report: Tackling the Unsexy Challenge of Mainframe Modernization

The death knell for mainframe has rung every year for the past several decades, but it’s not going away. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals are doubling down, migrating off, and integrating mainframes with new, customer-facing technologies.

In a pragmatic cloud world, if you don’t properly mesh disparate operational strategies, you’ll end up with disjointed approaches that threaten the lifeblood of the business.

This Forrester report discusses key approaches taken by enterprises in financial, government, and retail verticals; what’s worked and what hasn’t; and best practices for I&O pros.

Download the full report, “Tackling the Unsexy Challenge of Mainframe Modernization,” to learn:

  • The trends that show that mainframe use is actually growing
  • Seven key approaches to mainframe modernization
  • The best practices leading organizations follow to ensure success


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Thinking About Mainframe Modernization? Don't Overlook Security.

Mainframe modernization isn’t just a technology upgrade. It’s also a process change.

The most successful companies bake new ways of working directly into their existing mainframe management processes, and that means accounting for security, too. But, widespread complacency means many companies overlook the processes needed to protect their most important IT systems.

Key Resources Inc. recently commissioned a study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, of 225 IT management and security decision-makers at North American companies with $500 million+ in annual revenue. We found that despite widespread awareness concerning the stakes, enterprises simply aren’t devoting enough attention and resources to mainframe security.


of companies are concerned about potential customer data breaches on the mainframe


say mainframe security is a top priority

Still, only


always or often factor security into mainframe decisions