Cynthia Overby, president and co-founder, Key Resources, Inc.

After more than three decades of success in mainframe security, KRI is pleased to announce our recent acquisition by Rocket Software, a global leader in enterprise software.

The acquisition presents a significant growth opportunity for both KRI and Rocket Software as we build on our shared legacy of enabling large-scale and Fortune 500 enterprises to strengthen their mainframe security and protect critical business information. KRI’s long-standing IT security background complements Rocket Software’s hybrid cloud strategy built for enterprise security needs — an important step in simplifying the modernization journey for our customers while always helping them maintain the integrity of their mainframe systems.

At KRI, we’ve long admired Rocket Software. Our two companies are extremely aligned in our values and commitment to supporting our customers’ efforts to better protect their IT environments. Customer and employee retention are top priorities for both KRI and Rocket Software, which has resulted in a natural pairing with a shared vision for the future.

Together, we’ve taken another major step toward helping our customers address vulnerabilities and avoid potential security crises — a daily reality for modern organizations.

Expanded mainframe security capabilities for all

The need for mainframe security measures continues to increase — and it’s a responsibility that remains top of mind for business leaders across both public and private sectors.

Many factors currently make it difficult for businesses to reduce their vulnerabilities and improve the overall integrity of their mainframe systems. The cybersecurity threat landscape continues to evolve, IT environments continue to grow in complexity, and talent gaps continue to widen. So, it’s easy to see why 95% of companies are concerned about potential customer data breaches via the mainframe.

Within this challenging security ecosystem, KRI and Rocket Software are positioned to help our customers build a robust mainframe security roadmap, leveraging Rocket Software’s highly trusted capabilities in infrastructure modernization and KRI’s proven expertise in modernizing mainframe security.

In particular, the acquisition offers our customers:

  • An extensive portfolio of mainframe tools and technologies

    Solving complex IT challenges requires a comprehensive arsenal of tools. Our customers will now have access to a wider range of mainframe solutions — covering data, monitoring, workload automation, storage, and security. This robust suite of services allows every KRI and Rocket Software customer to experiment and standardize around their preferred mainframe security solutions and implement a single architecture best suited to their business.
  • Mainframe flexibility

    No company should be tasked with re-platforming or building from the ground up as a means to improve security standards. Our newly combined hybrid cloud tools and services make it easier for organizations to establish a security architecture that meets both current and future needs, and convert or migrate systems as required. Our solutions are extensive yet flexible and adaptable to both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Combined talent poolsOur team at KRI is looking forward to joining more than 2,500 Rocket Software employees. As part of the Rocket Software family, the reach and network of the Rocket Software team will amplify our consultants’ deep domain experience and existing leadership in mainframe security services and strategies. Together, we’ll reach more businesses and help more customers meet their security and compliance goals.

Our new chapter with Rocket Software

While the mission and quality of our services will always remain the same, our team is excited about the opportunity for future growth alongside Rocket Software.

This partnership allows us to focus on evolving technologies, mainframe modernization, and security roadmaps while scaling our offerings to work with businesses across all industries and around the globe. We know how important it is to address mainframe security issues and vulnerabilities, and now you will have the combined capabilities of two security leaders protecting the wealth of sensitive information your mainframe holds.

To learn more, check out Rocket Software’s full suite of tools and mainframe protection services.