Bringing Peace of Mind to the C-Suite

As an executive, you know how important it is to meet your corporation’s financial and organizational goals. That means making sure you’re doing everything you can to avoid any financial and reputational risk. Protecting your IT systems is a big part of that.

And while you may be concerned about rising IT threats you read about in the news, it can be challenging and confusing at times to know whether your organization is sufficiently protected.

Here’s the bottom line: When your mainframes process countless instances of highly sensitive data, you simply can’t afford a breach. Make sure your IT leadership is knowledgeable of all potential risks. But more than that, make sure your employees have the tools they need to protect your organization.

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Questions to Ask to Determine Gaps

Question 1

Does your CIO / CISO provide you with reports which outline the current security posture of your mainframe environment?


Question 2

Is mainframe security included in your IT Risk Assessment reporting?

Question 3

Does your Vulnerability Management Program include all aspects of the mainframe, i.e. applications, 3rd party software, operating system?


Question 4

Do you take a proactive approach to understanding the level of risk associated with possible vulnerabilities in your mainframe environment?

Question 5

Do you have a culture of security? Do you have adequate communications and an awareness strategy around security?


Question 6

According to Executive Perspectives on Top Risks in 2018, the rapid speed of disruptive innovations and new technologies, and resistance to change are two of the biggest risks today.

Do you have a forward-looking security committee that provides insight, oversight, and foresight around the organization’s current and future risks and controls, including those related to the integration of the enterprise’s big data with the changing digital world.

Key Resources Can Help

Key Resources, Inc. understands these challenges. We’ve developed a range of products and services to help mainframers in every industry, including financial services, healthcare and government, protect their most valuable IT assets.

Learn more about:

  • z/Assure® VAP – the only product that automatically scans for and identifies vulnerabilities in mainframe operating system (OS) code. Learn More
  • z/Assure® CAM – an automated tool that assesses mainframe security configurations and evaluates compliance. Learn More
  • Integrity Assessment Services – helps enterprises discover their risk exposure and take steps to protect their business from the types of breaches that lead to financial harm or regulatory violations. Learn More