Who we are

Key Resources Inc. was founded in 1988. The focus of the organization is to identify actionable information as it pertains to mainframe security exposures. We protect, detect, and respond to our clients security needs on a 7/24 hour basis.

We are an independent employee owned company. We are known for our vulnerability detection technology – both configuration and code based, we help protect some of the world’s largest financial enterprises. Our secret sauce is our people.

OUR VALUES: Be accountable. Be respectful. Act with Integrity.
OUR CULTURE: Open-minded. Responsive. Energetic.
OUR FIRM: Flat organization. Limited bureaucracy. Open Communication.

Our experience

KRI knows the worldwide information security business.  With a multinational influence, it is only natural that we feel comfortable operating internationally. We are a company with global reach.

Enterprise Security Manager Migration Services 29 years
Configuration Security Audit & Reviews 20 years
Compliance Checking 18 years
z/OS Vulnerability Management Software & Services 10 years

Our Mission

To Guarantee a return on our clients’ security investments by minimizing their exposure to data and integrity security risks and exposures.

Migrations Performed
Happy Clients

Principles of our Work


Information security consulting and evaluation is a high-integrity business, and very much a matter of trust. KRI is dedicated to sustaining the highest degree of integrity in our client relationships.


We are committed to delivering the highest quality work product in a timely manner.


We are the only company who offers Operating System Integrity Testing™ (OSIT) software on the mainframe with a CVSS scoring system that meets the standards applied by the majority of the standards bodies in the United States. We are committed to continually expanding the scope of our solutions to meet our missions statement.